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 Case study 

Ayima RT

Ayima is a top British SEO company and we've pushed their business miles ahead with a tool that enables them to deliver amazing SEO insights.

Ayima is an international digital agency that provides SEO and PPC solutions to some of the world's biggest brands.

The Challenge

Ayima's strength lies in exceeding client expectations by providing SEO and PPC services far beyond the industry average. With tools like Google Analytics unable to meet their standard for excellence, Ayima tasked us with developing a tool that delivers deep and advanced SEO reporting that could measure very specific and business-driven metrics.

in-depth insights

Ayima Reporting Tool collects SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) data about the entire market, as well as the competition, and presents it in the most convenient way in order to provide valuable insights.


Ayima can build better relationships with its clients by keeping them up to date with the impact of consultants’ actions.


Thanks to Ayima RT, clients have access to a customisable dashboard that provides essential market intelligence.

Valuable insights

With the insights from Ayima RT, consultants can identify a client’s competitive traffic share and then put strategies in place to improve it.

Our Solution

Today, the Reporting Tool we've developed equips all Ayima's consultants with a wide range of otherwise hidden metrics and insights about the online performance of their clients (e.g. Verizon, O2, British Airways) and about their competitors, pushing them miles ahead of the rest of the market.

“Thanks to Argo22, we gained a tool that pushes our SEO abilities forward and enables us to professionally present the results of our work to our clients.“
- Mike Nott, Group Operations Director at Ayima Ltd.


A magazine publishing app that helps top publishing company One Mega Group keep their readership happy.

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