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 Case study 


E.ON is at the forefront of Europe's energy industry. We've helped them improve their business through a smart app that integrates all the key parts of their acquisition process

E.ON is one of the world's leading energy companies, with a strong market position in Europe.

The Challenge

As with many other international companies, E.ON was facing the challenge of transforming their internal business environment to be more digital and effective. Our task was to completely digitise the current customer acquisition process and to increase its transparency to enable future optimisation.

in-depth insights

EOS gives our client in-depth insights and details about the performance of each acquisition channel, enabling them to make the right decisions about the future.

Campaign reporting

EOS provides the client with a complex reporting tool that uncovers statistics for every acquisition campaign in real-time, including the average conversion rate or time-to-call performance of the call center.

Effective task management

During the campaign, the client’s online team is able to manage incoming leads and contracts in line with priorities and turnaround goals, thus acquiring happy new customers faster.

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Our Solution

After thorough business process analysis, we designed and developed a tool that connects and streamlines the whole acquisition process, from lead generation to contract signing, integrating all 3rd-party partners including the printing office, call center and couriers.

For the EOS solution we developed for E.ON, we received the prestigious Czech Contact Center Award for the best outbound project.

“EOS integrates and digitises our whole acquisition process, allowing us to take valuable and precise KPI measurements.“
- Petr Vostal, Head of Sales strategy at E.ON Energie

Ayima RT

Ayima is a top British SEO company and we've pushed their business miles ahead with a tool that enables them to deliver amazing SEO insights

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