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Prepare For The Challenge

So you have an idea for a great app or a digital product. But there is a good reason why you shouldn’t just go ahead and start getting it done: The internet is a huge graveyard of projects that have failed.

The question is - is there a way to avoid the most common mistakes others have made before you?

There is. So let’s get you prepared!

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“Easily understandable step-by-step guide for startuppers with a generous pinch of motivation and very clear and useful directions.“
- David Eiselt, Founder of Cestujlevne.com
“This book can be the only difference between the success and failure of your software application. All you need to do is to read and follow this great guide.“
- Tomáš Kuba, Business analyst at E.ON
“Incredibly well written guide for building digital products!“
- Dean Chew, SEO expert at Ayima ltd

What will you get?

Bird‘s eye view

Gain a good understanding and a high-level perspective to prepare for the challenge of developing a mobile or web app.

Handy resources

Get examples and links to practical tools, methods, books and other great sources that will be essential for your project.

Avoid mistakes

Learn from others and find out how to avoid the most common mistakes and failures made a thousand times before.

Real life case study

Throughout the e-book you will see how each tip was applied to a specific real-life project. Learn from the experience of successful business.

Successful mindset

Set your mindset and expectations about the time, money and quality upfront. Learn how to define and measure the success.

Effective approach

Get tips on how to find the right development company and how to get the best from them. Discover successful development approaches.

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