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 Case study 


Octoppa is our own affiliate marketing solution for companies seeking new customers through a network of online partners.

Octoppa is currently used by innovative European companies like E.ON, Terms, GoMobil and GoInternet.

The Challenge

Business is really about creating strong and valuable partnerships. In digital business, such partnerships exist in various forms (e.g. affiliate marketing, commission dealers, white-label partners, lead generation partners...) and with the lack of one-tool-to-rule-them-all, it's hard to ensure transparency, and measure or evaluate performance. We decided to develop such a tool.

1. partners recruitment

We start by helping the client to hire sufficient quality partners that will promote the client's products across their own websites, social profiles and other online channels.

We do that by creating a signup page for the partnership program.

2. promotional materials

Next, we help the client to create their campaigns together with promotional materials (like banners, affiliate links and forms) to give the partners effective tools for promoting the brand.

3. track & measure

When partners start promoting the client, we track the performance and provide insights into the volume of new customers won via each partner. We also have an invoicing feature for rewarding successful partners.

download our e-commerce brochure

A presentation of our tools - Octoppa and EOS made for a recent e-commerce conference in France. Download the brochure to find out more about how you can improve your business.

Our Solution

Octoppa makes collaboration between a company and its promotion partners more effective. Partners are equipped with promotional material and are rewarded for every completed sale. Companies have a tool that handles payments to partners and provides valuable insights about the performance of their marketing activities.

“With Octoppa, we launched our affiliate programme within a few days. We love the comfortable reporting, easy partner management and unlimited reward schemes options.“
- Milan Pleva, Online Marketing Manager at Terms a.s.

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