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 Case study 


CestujLevne is the most visited travel website in the Czech Republic helping budget travellers make their dreams come true.

CestujLevne.com is the most popular travel website amongst backpackers in the Czech Republic.

The Challenge

Over 2 million users visit CestujLevne every month, looking for cheap airfares and other deals. David Eiselt, the man behind the project, decided to develop a more complex, value-adding product that would deepen customer loyalty, expand the customer base and generate more revenue.

1. Review & Research

We started by reviewing the content and design of the original website, and then conducted research amongst target users to understand their needs and priorities.

2. product strategy

Drawing on the insights gained in the research phase, we prepared a new creative concept and strategy for the entire brand.

We decided to extend the current product with unique travel guides, user-generated itineraries and flight diaries.

3. Design, test, iterate

The new design uses the power of storytelling through awe-inspiring photos, valuable travel insights and compelling content. Every part of the website was designed to help travellers make their dreams come true.

Our Solution

We began with market research that uncovered new functions and content opportunities. The completely redesigned portal offers a unique travel blogging experience and smart destination profiles for trip planners, and will increase revenue by optimising the conversion funnel.

This project is still under development.

“On a half-year journey with Argo22, we discovered wishes hidden in our users’ minds. Analysis, designs and testing led us to creating a revolutionary travel platform.“
- David Eiselt, CEO & Founder @ cestujlevne.com


A location-based app that lets you discover great deals in your vicinity when you’re out shopping.

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