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 Case study 


A video publishing app for top publishing company One Mega Group that shares stories across all of their media channels

One Mega Group is at the forefront of the digital and print media publishing industry in the Philippines.

The Challenge

One Mega Group produces the best magazines in the Philippines, but also a wide array of entertaining videos about fashion, lifestyle, travel and much more. They decided to give their followers an app that will bring the content to their smartphones and allow them to interact with it, providing feedback that enables continuous content improvement.

The home screen makes it easy for the user to discover new videos

Users can subscribe to their favourite TV Show and browse the episodes

Sharing, rating, saving and watching trailers are all part of the experience

Users can set up their own personalised video stream based on their tastes

Our Solution

We've created an app that features One Mega Group’s favourite shows, but TV100 also enables users to customise the content by creating a personalised stream of videos from the categories of their choice.

“With digital publishing apps crafted by Argo22, we are more connected with our readers by giving them a great new tool to enjoy the content they love.“
- Anne Bernisca, Head of Digital @ One Mega Group


CestujLevne is the most visited travel website in the Czech Republic, helping budget travellers make their dreams come true.

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